Thirties All

Thirties All
Can the DOT do a random drug test if you have your DOT health card?

The DOT is coming into my work to look over all my pre inspections and my boss asked me to make a copy of my health card for the DOT and all my pre inspection reports. Does that mean they want a piss test with it? Only reason their coming in is cause i blew a weigh station but, i went to court and already pay the ticket. Or, is the boss just messing with me to scare me cause their coming in at seven in the morning and i dont start until seven thirty? All i drive is a 28 foot box truck and all you need is a DOT health card to drive it. He has not done a DOT inspection since 2011 so i think there coming in for that. What should i think about it?
How often does my employer need to do drug screening? Because the DOT health card last two years before you need to update it.

ANY job that is regulated by the DOT is subject to random drug testing. You could be called in at ANY time to do a random urine test.

If you have been doing drugs, or you think that you may have a problem with passing a random drug screen then you should quit right now and go find a job flipping hamburgers at McDonalds.

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