Huge Pics

Huge Pics
Be honest, can I pull this bikini off? Or does it make my boobs look too huge? Pics included.?

Basically I know that I am not the usual slender girl that wears a bikini, but I feel like my bigger boobs slightly offset the stomach. But I wanted some honest anonymous opinions. Should I skip the bikini in favor of something that doesn't bare so much, or can I pull it off? Also do my boobs look to big in the top? Thanks! Guys, I want your opinion too!

Here is the slideshow to a few pictures.

arrow to the right to see all of them, I think there are like 6 or so.
Thanks again!

First top is too small. You have muffin-top top, with a little too much spill-over going on.

Part of the problem is that those bikini tops have molded cups, with a little padding and underwire. Molded, padded or underwire cups are for flat-chested girls who want to create the illusion of having a larger bust.. NOT for girls who actually have boobaliciousnous. Go for a bikini top that isn't hard and molded..and remove any/all padding or inner triangle pads on bikini tops. (see if you can remove the molded liner/pad inside of the cups. Sometimes you can do that).

The aqua bikini top fits the best and is the most flattering but it's still a bit snug. It's pretty with your colouring and very cute, though.

I'm going to vote thumbs down on the pink bottoms with the frilly ruffle. That would be a NO. Ruffles can be cute when strategically placed but typically they just don't work. Ruffles are cute on any girl who's under the age of 6 yrs. old. Also, ruffles are a way that extremely lean girls can create the illusion of being curvier. You are curvy and don't need to wear ruffles. Find dark-coloured solid bottoms that have strong elastic in the bum.

The dark floral bikini top would be cute if it wasn't underwire and it wasn't a formed cup. It's squeezing you an looks uncomfortable as well as being too tight. But that's the design. Try removing the pad-part and see if it fits better. You really need to look for a bikini top that is NOT padded, has no formed inner cup, and isn't underwire.

Look for a bikini top like this-- it's not lined or padded, it doesn't have formed cups and there's no wire:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/jordin-sparks.jpg

This style would also work well-- the basic shape of the bikini top is good for a large bust:

This one would be perfect:

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