City Lowball

City Lowball
Are their poker tournaments for Teenagers!?

Well I've been playing Texas Hold em for about 2years..
I'm 13 aha, and im pretty crazy about it..
I study pros strategies, and moves online and It's just pretty fun...
I think competing with other people my age would be even more awesome! Aha...
I doubt it, but are their any junior leagues or something?
I play online like everyday... But face to face poker is a whole other ballgame.. :3
I know you have to be 21 to gamble... But yeah, on the off chance their is something similar to a tournament than let me know aha!
Oh! Btw - I live in the U.S. if that helps... :3

Thanks guys ^_^

Wish we went to the same school, me and my friends play poker 45 minutes (not even close enough to finish a tournament so it lasts several days) a day at SCHOOL! Of course though no money or any prize besides the title is risked or awarded.

We rarely play Texas Hold'em though, Kansas City Lowball is out game:

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