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Famous Spanish-Speaking South American People?!?!?

._. Please help me. I have to research a famous Spanish-Speaking South American in to write a report about him/her. Any ideas?

Easy ten points.
Give me a name and some info. Please include your sources.
Thank you for expressing your opinions about the school systems of today. But this is for my Spanish course, we are learning about the people and culture of South America. It has nothing to do with my teacher hating America.

Pablo Neruda (poet from chile)
Jorge Luis Borges (argentine writer)
Eva Peron (political argentine figure)
Ernesto Che Guevara (argentine revolutionary)
Carlos Gardel (really important figure in Tango history)

I am from Argentina so most of the famous people I can think of are from here.. just google any of these, they are REALLY well known. You will find lots of info for a report.
Hope it helps!

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