Affordable History

Affordable History
What is a good WW 2 era rifle or pistol to own and possibly shoot that is not too expensive?

I already have a K98 Mauser but I am starting to get into older guns. I have a couple modern guns but I like firearms with a 'history' to them and am looking to pick up a couple more.

You're in luck. Russian Mosin-Nagant rifles (cal. 7.62x54 Russian) are cheap and plentiful right now in "re-arsenaled condition", which means they were restored after the war and stored for possible later use that never came. They are strong actions which are still safe to fire, are avalible as rifles and carbines, and often come with ascessories such as bayonets, original slings, and ammo pouches in like new condition. The 7.62x54R ammo is also avalible cheaply and in great quantities.
These Are the rifles that drove the Nazis back out of the Mother Russia and sealed their doom. The best part, is these rifles are retailing for little more than 100.00$. Get a current copy of Shotgun news at a newsstand and check 'em out. Your local dealer can order you one and have it in a few days. For 300$ to 500$ you can even get a PU or PE sniper version with an Excellent Condition scope. These were used as sniper rifles by the Soviets until replaced by the Dragunova SVD semi-automatic sniper rifle.
Genuine affordable history, ...there you go!

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